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Everly Blonde Barn Wood Planks (Wide) - 60x48" Neoprene RTS (SEE PHOTOS)

Lilly Bear Studio Props

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NEOPRENE FOLDABLE FLOORS: The ULTIMATE floor for the photographer who wants the very best! These Neoprene Foldable floors have it all; highly durable, wrinkle free, foldable for easy storage, the most realistic looking with the most vivid colours. No more sides rolling up on you! Can be folded and stacked for easy storage or rolled and secured with the included velcro strap. It is advised to fold your neoprene loosely for storage.

*IMPORTANT* If you order an RTS (ready to ship) item and a PRE-ORDER or MADE TO ORDER item in one order everything will ship together as you were charged a single shipping rate. If you would like your RTS sooner, versus waiting for it to be shipped with your made to order or pre-order items - PLEASE make a separate order.